Watercolor for beginners is a class for people who would like to learn the basic skills of watercolor-painting. This class will focus on color-theory, brush-technique and how to build up a painting right from drawing the motive to laying down the colors. 

This class will focus mainly on portraits and figures (not landscapes)

No previous experience is needed, all you need is a positive approach to learning and growing through experience, experimenting and making mistakes, which in this class is considered a vital part for learning and growing!

We will start by painting the same motives, but as the class advances, students are encouraged to pick their own motives and add personal and creative elements to the paintings.

Classes takes place
EVERY THURSDAY from October 8th to December 10th
from 6.00 – 8:30 PM

Adresse: Art Escape Studios
Heinesgade 13, 2200 København (Close to Nørrebros Runddel)


1 time for 250 DKK
(You’ll try it out and go home with a small finished painting)
5 times for 1200 DKK

(You’ll paint several different paintings and go through basic painting exercises and learn about color and technique)
10 times for 2000 DKK

(After the first 5 times, you’ll be invited to chose your own motifs and work with your own ideas)

One glass of whine, coffee, tea and snacks.
Use of materials the first couple of times. You will be encouraged to buy and bring your own material as the course progresses.

To register for classes and secure your seat please send an e-mail to mail@idaglad.com
+ pay for the class to Mobile pay: +45 20912280
or pay via bank-transfer or PayPal in my webshop.

*This class accommodate both English and Danish speaking students.

*If you become a regular student in Art Escape Studios, you can get your own discount card that last one year.
This card gives 15 % discount in Tutein og Koch


If you have any symptoms please do not show up in class.
Please contact me to discuss the option of taking the class on a later date.