Face painting is a great feature for any family event. I love transforming the kids into princesses, flower girls, zombies, animals or whatever their hearts desire. The best moment is when they see themselves in the mirror and their whole face lights up. I paint about 5 children pr. hour in the theme they wish. Facepainting is also popular among adults for Halloween or other theme parties. I am using a high quality, parabeen-free, water-based face-paint named GRIMAS.


Private events – such as children’s birthdays:
Price: 950 DKK for the first hours and then additionel 450 DKK pr hour.
Corporate events:
Price: 1950 DKK for the first hour and then additional 450 DKK per hour.
Private paint session:
If you want to be painted in private, for example for a theme party, I offer to come to your home and paint you there. The price depends on the task. Contact me for more info.
There will be an additionel transport fee, which is being calculated by using the kilometer fare of the Danish state.