The solution to your artistic blockages is not always to be found in your art-practice, but is sometimes hidden somewhere else in your life. Often, the blockages is a result of certain beliefs about yourself or the world that, in one or more ways, impede your possibilities of expression. Maybe you’ve learned that you can’t make mistakes, which is catastrophic for your creativity, because it is often through “mistakes” or “happy accidents” as I call it, that our creativity develops. Maybe you have an inner perfectionistic or self-critical voice that gets loud every time you begin using your creativity, or you may have forgotten how to play without chasing a specific result.

“If you want to work on your art – work on your life!”

– Julia Cameron

It can feel tremendously heavy, to know that you have a creative potential, that for some reason, you can’t release into the world. Heavy, in the sense that you are holding back a powerful energy, that you are now carrying around instead. What will it take for you to let go?
Many, as they develop creatively, find that their shadow parts are brought into light. The Shadow is a Jungian term, that indicate the sides of our personality, that we find difficult to identify as a part of ourselves. We often project our shadow-traits into other people around us. We notice them by identifying traits that we either feel repelled or attracted to, as the shadow can be both positive and negative. Creative blockages can be a result of the resistance that can arise in us, when we develop and integrate more of our own shadow.

As a coach, I can help you explore where and how your creative blockages occur, and give you tools to transform them, so you can get back to creating, playing and experimenting again and let your own creativity guide you.

Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.

– Antonio Machado

My coaching is beneficial for

clarifying goals and values
become aware of and change negative or limiting thought-patterns
discover new potential and opportunities in life
increase your body awareness, and connection to your heart and intuition

1 hour / 700 Dkk
3 x 1 hour / 1800 Dkk

25 % discount for students

A coaching session last around 1 hour and takes place through Skype. Contact me for a free chat about your expectations, to determine if you wanna work with me.

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