Painting & Meditation

Through Painting & Meditation, we are going on an exploration through the meeting between the creative, the meditative and the relational. We create a space, where you are invited to let go of your to-do list for a while and instead turn your attention inward. Through meditative and non-verbal creative exercises, we will unfold more of our inner selves and try to connect with our unique creative core. Together we will examine, what it feels like to be in our bodies, in the room and in relation to each other from a deeper place. No experience with painting or meditation is required to participate in this event. Everything will be guided and the painting is completely free and intuitive.

When we sit down, close our eyes and try to calm the mind, what we find is surprising: We don’t arrive at a place of complete absence of thoughts and feelings. Instead the mind seems to be in a constant flow of creation; thoughts pop up out of nowhere, feelings emerge, new ideas form by themselves. We don’t have to do anything. When the agent, the I steps out of the way, the creative flow continues. In whatever form it manifests – as painting, as playing music, as writing or creating new ideas – the awareness at the core of our being seems to be fundamentally creative. This creativity can’t be forced, controlled or systematized. But it can flourish by itself. We can free it, we can listen to it and we can dance with it. Perhaps the best thing we can do is to step out of the way and let it play by itself.

*This event accommodate both English and Danish speaking participants

The workshop is facilitated and guided by
Kaspar Meitil – Psychologist, meditation-teacher and author of the book Kunsten at glemme sig selv
Ida Glad – Artist, art-teacher, BS in Psychology and Lifecoach.

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If you have any symptoms please do not show up to this event. 
Please contact us to discuss the option of using your ticket at a later date.