Creative guidance workshop

Do you long to unfold your creative potential?

I believe that all people have infinite creative potential within themselves, yet some may have lost contact with it or are blocking the energy. This workshops invites you to explore yourself through imagination and dreams, viewed as guiding forces, that can help giving us direction in life. We will be focusing on the dreams that we long to manifest and how to overcome the obstacle and creative blockages that stand in the way.

I may help you, through the creative process, to raise your awareness of the fear, doubt or resistance that is blocking your expression, and show you new ways to transform it into creative fuel. The psychological tools and insights you will acquire through this process, can be used not only for art-making, but within other areas of your life as well

Some of our deepest inner experiences can be hard to translate into words, but the intuitive visual language allows us to communicate and express ourselves on a deeper level.

My intention is to bring you back to your own creative universe and help you in the process of restoring contact with your creative power. The power and the creative abilities that you have and need, in order to shape your own life.

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The workshop includes:

Guided meditations and light body movements
Creative Coaching exercises
Working with intentions

Sharing circles
and a lot of PAINTING!

All of this, to break through to our own creative genius
and to experience what it feels like

to be in flow!



An introduction to working with acrylics and inks on aquabord.

Knowledge of and experience with intuitive and expressive painting techniques.

A clearer vision of your creative goals and how to move towards them.

Knowledge and tools to deal with your inner critic and ways transform creative blockages.

A deeper connection to your body and your inner guiding voice.

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The workshop takes place September 25th
SATURDAY from 10 am – 5.30 pm

*All high quality art-materials are included in the price.
*Food and drinks can be purchased in the Art Escape Cafe.
*This workshop accommodate both Danish and English speaking participants.


*If you regret your purchase, you have the right to cancel your workshop-seat and get a full refund within 14 days of the purchase. However it is possible to give the seat to a friend.



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What participants have said

It was very liberating and inspiring to participate in Ida’s workshop. Ida is teaching on a deep level which is very exiting. It was great to gain deeper knowledge of myself and to work with my creativity as well. I can only recommend this workshop, where you will both acquire artistic skills as well as a deeper understanding of yourself.

Mia Cecilia

I met by blockages at the workshop face-to-face. Although we just received a demonstration and a number of techniques and had plenty of material available, I had a lot of trouble getting started. I “forgot” the techniques and was constantly afraid of making mistakes, so Ida guided me to be deliberately destructive – just paint freely – paint over – and let go totally. I got a lot of color on the canvas, which turned out to be a nice sketch. I didn’t finish it, but I was experiencing a very different flow. I got plenty of energy and could have continued for hours. It was a super personal and transformational workshop for me, which was not only about painting – with Ida guiding and inspiring from the heart. I will happily join again.

Anne Mette


*This is not an art-therapeutic workshop, but contains therapeutic and self-reflecting exercises. If you are currently in medical treatment, please contact me before signing up for the workshop.