Teaching experience:

I have taught hundreds of people in art and creative processes since 2017 in public and private schools and companies. Since 2022 I have been lecturing as a guest-teacher at the psychology course at DIS – Study abroad in Scandinavia on how art can be used in rehabilitation processes. I am part of an international female artist collective based in Art Escape Studios in Copenhagen. From here I teach acrylic, watercolor and coffee painting. I am a certified life coach from ID-Akademy (2013) and are now studying my master’s degree in social psychology and learning at Roskilde University. Throughout this education I have had a particular focus on Culture and Health.

Education background:

AFUK – Akademiet for utæmmet kreativitet, Kbh 
Skolen for Kunst og Design, Århus
Kompetence Huset, Århus
VERA – Skole for kunst og design, Kbh
Dekorations maler, Svendborg Erhvervsskole, Svendborg 
Lifecoach fra ID-Akademy / Ole Vadum Dahl, Kbh
Kreativ proces facilitator / Bloom Institute, Kbh 
Bachelor i social-psykologi og kommunikation fra Roskilde Universitet, Roskilde

Courses in Art & Creativity: 

Portræt-maling / Mads Rye
Kursus i farve-lære / Niels Frank
Abstrakt maling / Saeed Fadavi
Akvarel kursus / Kai Glad 
A year of painting 1 and 2 / Alena Hennesy
A year of healing / Alena Hennesy
Kreativ Skrivning & Imagination / Aksel Haaning
Better than Art School / Amira Rahim
Illustration techniques to unlock your creativity / Adolfo Serra
Cityscapes in watercolor / Alvara Castagnet 
Watercolor portraits / Ale Casanova
Acrylic portraits / Will Kemp

Other courses: 
Celebration Day For Girls Facilitator / Celebration Day For Girls