My story 

As a child I loved to draw and paint and I continued to do so as an adult. I use my creativity to connect with myself, as I am aware of how artistic expression can open up psychological and emotional processes.

My core interest lies in the intersection between art, creativity, aesthetics and psychology. I am convinced that through artistic creation you can develop important life skills such as creativity, curiosity, observation, patience, courage and much more.

I love working with colors as I am fascinated by their endless mixing possibilities and how they affect each other. They are an excellent metaphor for life itself. What colors do we have on our life palette, and do we know how to get the most out of them? How do we turn our own lives and our shared world into a magnificent painting?

As an artist, I work both figuratively and abstractly, mostly in watercolour, acrylic and other materials. I am inspired by the Japanese term Wabi Sabi, which is about seeing the beauty in the imperfect as it is found in nature. All in all, nature plays a big role in my life and is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

I live in Roskilde with my daughter and our two dogs.


April 272024
Color theory workshop (acrylic)

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May 112024
Coffee Painting

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June 222024
Watercolor portrait painting

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